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One day we'll have tiny portals to our wall sockets.

How easy would it be if we created and understood portals? We could get a tiny one-inch plug and keep one end loose in our portal-pocket and the other end plugged into the wall at home. Unless some comedian unplugged our home end, we'd have instant access to all the power a home should supply. How easy indeed!

Sadly, science is too busy trying to solve our problems with dumb stuff like the ecosystem and global climate patterns to give us something we can use. Portals aren't likely to be happening any time soon. So suck it up and buy a portable power device that gives you an easy on/off switch and a built-in charger for it's internal battery. That's right. This is basically perpetual motion!

Oh, sure, science SAYS we can't do that, but that's just because they don't want you to figure it out. WE DON'T NEED YOU, SCIENCE! WE CAN GO OUR OWN WAY NOW!

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1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Source
$62.99 In Stock Vehicles & Parts
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