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Skip right over CFLs and get with the new NEW bulb! Dimmable too!

Remember how you were meaning to replace all your old-fashioned incandescent (or, to my Grandma, "regular") lightbulbs with those compact fluorescent ones? And how you felt good about yourself for caring so much about the environment that you were willing to risk a toxic mercury spill in your home? But you just kind of hadn't gotten around to it yet?

Once again, procrastination pays off! While you were dithering, CFLs went obsolete. Dimmable LEDs are the new thing: they look 50% warmer, have 100% less mercury, and last 10,000% longer (all figures approximate).

Alas, they also cost 5,000% more. So don't expect this Dimmable LED 6-pack to sit around too long. At ten bucks per dimmable bulb, it's a ridiculous bargain. And THIS time it won't get replaced by some better bulb in a few years.

As far as we know.

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Enviro-Bulb LED Dimmable Light Bulb-6 Pack

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Enviro-Bulb LED Dimmable Light Bulb-6 Pack
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