You like to think this is going to catch burglars. In reality, you want to stop them before they get so close.

Having lights that turn on when you walk past them WILL help you get rid of burglars, but come on. If you had your choice, would you even want a burglar that close to your house? Unless you've got a burglar for an uncle, probably not. Also hang on for a second, we've got to write down our pitch for a new sitcom called "Uncle Burglar." Okay, there we go. Got it.

But like we were saying, you want to stop those burglars well before they get to your house. Which is why the Twinspot Security Light looks exactly like a security light. Get it? Your average burglar passing by will take one look and know that there's no point in taking a bunch of time to get caught by a beam of light. He or she will move on to a better target, or possibly go to their nephew's house and help the nephew win the girl of his dreams. Because who better than a burglar to steal someone's heart! Oh, and maybe he's got a raccoon that makes jokes while it reads the paper it digs out of the garbage!

In fact, can we maybe take a break here? The ideas are just piling up, we really should get these down on paper.

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Touch Of ECO TOE002 TWINSPOT Solar Security Wireless Motion

Touch Of ECO TOE002 TWINSPOT Solar Security Wireless Motion
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