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The perfect place to stack your paper cranes.

If you're like us... you can't do origami. But you know someone who CAN do origami. And the origami that person does BLOWS YOUR MIND. But let us just ask a question... can your friend make origami that can hold 125 lbs per shelf?

To be fair, calling this Origami Storage Rack origami IS kind of cheating. After all, nobody made this thing out of notebook paper while goofing off during History class. But the company's name is Origami and that makes this technically origami! So if you open and unfold it (which takes seconds, btdubs) you've technically made a sturdy Origami storage shelf! And any shelf-building judge would agree, after you made a small donation to the shelf-building judge's retirement fund.

Look at this Origami shelf as your chance to show up that talented punk who can build a functional falconry clinic out of paper. Oh, and also it's a good place to store your junk. But mostly: revenge.

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Origami Large Storage Racks

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Origami Large Storage Racks
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