Why would you need a generator? There's LOADS you can do without power!

We're too obsessed with power these days. What's the point? We don't need video games and TV shows. We've got all the fun we need without a generator. Here's a list of a few fun things you can do without power.

Made Up Card Games Whistle At The Jack? Double-Deck Upstream Salmon? Twelve-Card Monte? How would all the beloved card games of the modern era have been invented without bored people sitting in the dark? What is the future going to miss because we're too busy playing Nintendo instead of lighting a fire?

Shadow Puppets Today, if the Internet was to die, we'd lose almost 98% of all adulterous werewolf fanfic. Where would that leave our species? With shadow puppets, of course, the stories become a narrative that passes down through the years, father to son and mother to daughter. What can be lost when each ribald lupine kiss is locked into our memories?

Making Candles From Beef Fat Okay, okay, fine. We do need power to have fun. FINE. Just buy this generator and get on with your life.

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Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator

Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator
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