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Potter. Noun. One who pots. After that, it's up for interpretation.

It's it wonderful that we live in a time when "potter" can mean so many things to so many people? To one person, it's a famous novel's protatgonist. To another, it's a person who turns clay into something useful. To a third, it's someone who enjoys a specific type of plant. To a fourth, it's a person who puts plants into pots. Which definition is right? That's the beauty of it! ALL OF THEM CAN BE!

We don't care if you use this Merry Products Potter Bench to store your books, or if you stack your clay in the storage space, or if you sort out your controversial leaves on the work area, or if you use it to keep your pots at a comfortable level for planting and pruning and whatnot. Because whichever one you pick, you'll be technically correct.

But don't you ever, EVER, EVER try to use this Potter Bench to talk to snakes. You're gonna need a Draco Bench for that.

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Recessed Storage Potting Bench

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Recessed Storage Potting Bench
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