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Shelf. From the Old English word "Scylfe."

It makes sense, when you think about it, that a shelf would be ancient technology. It's a logical progression too. Someone invents the idea of a home, someone invents the idea of a private property, someone needs a place to keep their private property within their home, boom! Shelf! Certainly it was an idea that grew up alongside humanity, from the Proto-Germans to the Neo-Cornish/Saxons.

Today, you have a chance to join the long steady chain of shelf ownership. You have a chance to quickly set up a shelf that secures your name in the unbroken line that our planets has maintained for possibly thousands of years. In fact, can we say our society is actually a shelf-based economy? We make things, put them on shelves, sell them to a middleman who put them on shelves, then sell them to a consumer, who uses them, then puts them on their own shelf. With no shelves, the economy collapses! WE EVEN PUT THE CURRENCY THAT RUNS OUR SOCIETY ON SHELVES!!!

Don't think yourself too good for a shelf, dear consumer. If you're not part of the system, you're just holding us back.

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