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Good morning. My name is Barry McGhee. Grandson of "Messy Tools" McGhee. Our family will never live down his shame.

We weren't always known as the "Messy Tools" McGhee clan. Once, we were the Neat McGhees of Montana. People came from miles around to look at our well organized shop. The mayor gave my great-grandfather a special award for neatness! But then came the day my grandfather decided to sell our Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer. And our family was never again the same.

See, Grandad figured he came from a naturally neat family. Figured he had no use for over 10.5 square feet of pegboard storage space. Little did he know, right? Because it turns out that 48" x 32" total area was the only thing keeping the McGhee family organized. By the end of the year, that workshop was a mess. There were tears and angry words. My grandmother walked out, leaving Grandad to raise his twelve disorganized boys. If only he'd seen his hubris! If only he'd accepted 1/4-inch pegboard pegs as well as Wall Control slotted hooks, brackets, shelves and supplies!

But he made his choice. And now, I'm "Messy Tools" Barry around the office. Please, don't make the mistake my Grandad did. Keep your tools neatly organized. If not for you, for your children's children.

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Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit

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Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit
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