Composting is a good idea. Unless you're a swamp monster. Then it's kinda scary.

HE WHO KNOWS POOR ENVIRONMENTAL HABITS BURNS AT THE TOUCH OF THE MUCK LORD! That's the cry that's been heard through the swamp for years. But now, mankind is fighting back against the swamp beasts! Now, mankind is turning to compost, the one thing a plant-based swamp beast cannot oppose!

Compost, you see, is just controled entropy. It's just gentle decay. Compostable material is sacrificed to the greater good of Nature, and then pulled from the Good Ideas Portable Composter to spread across the plant life that will rise anew. It's the plant version of that song from The Lion King. And the Muck Lord knows it to be true!

And yet, compost is like a plant horror movie. For what happens to the old plant matter? It mixes with food and waste and organic junk! That's got to be scary for a sentient plant! It's like Friday the 13th: The Green Edition!

So please, when you shove the Muck Lord into to your Good Ideas Portable Composter, don't gloat. It just wouldn't be seemly.

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Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown

Good Ideas Windsor Composter - Dark Brown
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