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When you're trapped under a sleeping moose and the radio's stuck on the easy listening station, you'll WISH you had one of these.

Look, nobody buys a Statgear Tactical Auto Rescue Tool and hopes they'll get to use it. This isn't a stereo or a pair of roller skates. In the best case scenario, you'll never ever touch this thing.

But the day you glance at the passenger seat to find you're sharing the car with a angry-whiskered puma, you'll be thankful for this little knifey friend that lives just within your reach.

That's not to say the Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is only for your own safety. Far from it! If you got to help a nun escape a six car pile-up, you can use this tool to break a window and slice through a belt. Will doing that get you to Heaven faster? Hey, we're not here to debate metaphysics! We're just pointing out that some things are possible.

So don't leave it to chance, okay? Be ready to not use this as much as you can.

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Statgear T2 Auto Rescue Tool

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Statgear T2 Auto Rescue Tool
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