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Once upon a time there was a lonely giant with no friends. Then, one day, someone climbed up a ladder and introduced himself. And they lived happily ever after.

For most of his life, the giant sat alone and removed from life. It wasn't his fault or the fault of the smaller people below. Just it was too hard for them to talk. And because of this, the giant sat alone, hearing the giggles and friendly conversation coming up from below. And the giant would sigh, and look up at the stars, and pretend that the stars were talking back.

And then, one bright Spring morning, a Little Giant Adjustable Step Ladder appeared just beside the giant's shoulder. HEY! a little voice called. WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK TO ME? The giant looked over and saw a small guy standing comfortably on a patent-pending Select-Step design, well balanced and smiling.

"I'd love to!" said the giant. "But won't you get bored having a giant for a friend?" The small guy laughed.

"What? On this? It's so comfy, mate, I could stand here all day! And I will! What do you want to talk about?"

"Um..." the giant was shocked that he didn't know how to answer. The small guy laughed again.

"Tell you what, I'll start by telling you about this ladder's ability to be used on staircases or uneven surfaces, just to break the ice. Then you can take a turn."

And that was how the giant made his first, best friend. And met his new, most favorite ladder.

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Little Giant Select Step Latter 4'-6'

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Little Giant Select Step Latter 4'-6'
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