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They say LED light bulbs last longer. But nothing lasts forever.

There was a time when all we had were matches. And so, we invented candles, which are really just a way to make matches last over time. And then, when all we had were candles, we invented a light bulb that could be measured in candle power. And now, here we are, with a whole new type of bulb that moves beyond what we knew before.

And yet, this twelve pack won't last for an eternity. One day, the final bulb in this twelve pack will be gone. A new world will await. Maybe lamps will be tiny stars held in place by magnetic barriers. Maybe fusion/fission lamps will light our houses and apartments. Maybe we'll all have cybernetic eyes that automatically adjust so we can see perfectly in any level of light and no one will even remember that light bulbs existed. Who can say? All that we know for sure is that one must keep up with the times. So buy some freakin' light bulbs already, jerkface. We ain't got all day.

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