The outside is in. The inside is out. One of them has a patio.

"Outdoor interiors"? OUTDOOR INTERIORS? What are we supposed to make of this?

Everything used to make so much sense. There was outdoor furniture. There was indoor furniture. Then this high and mighty "Outdoor Interiors" Adirondack Chair w/ Built-in Ottoman had to come along and totally throw off the logic of furniture arrangement.

Listen, we don't consider ourselves super needy people or anything, but we don't think it's too much to ask for a little bit of instruction now and then. We're not against making decisions on our own, but have you ever improperly placed a chair? It's not a fun thing to do! If you haven't, that's probably because the chair was properly labeled indoor or outdoor so that you wouldn't make that mistake!

But you know what, maybe we're looking at this the wrong way. Maybe we'll embrace this new way of thinking. At least this way no one'll get mad when we start playing golf inside the house. "Hey," we'll say, "Haven't you heard? Outdoor and interior is the same thing these days. Totally not our fault that the lamp's now shattered."

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Outdoor Interiors Adirondack Chair w/ Built-in Ottoman

Outdoor Interiors Adirondack Chair w/ Built-in Ottoman
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