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Generators today serve one purpose: making sure you never have to stop being entertained.

There was a time, way back in the day, when a blackout meant TOTAL SOUL-CRUSHING BOREDOM. No TV, no video games, no light for comic books, and you couldn't even see where people were to get in a slap-fight. It was the WORST THING EVER.

Today, however, there are these lovely generators which give YOU the power to get right back out there and start entertaining yourself.

- Alien ship sucks out all the electricity on the planet? Fire up a generator!

- Giant praying mantis attacks the local hydro-electric plant? Fire up a generator!

- Neighbor's D.I.Y. chimney collapses and takes down the power lines? Fire up a generator!

Incidentally, having a generator means you can take photos of all that stuff and upload it before all those lousy no-generator-having so-and-so's. Two words: like monopoly.

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WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage

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WEN Gas Generators - Your Choice of Wattage
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