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They call it a 20-second shelf! But time is soooo relative, isn't it?

They say this shelf takes 20 seconds to assemble. But we would like to pose a question:

Suppose that you and your twin had matching Origami shelves, both from this two-pack of shelves. And suppose that one of you stayed on Earth, while another went into outer space. And suppose, at a preset location of the sun, you both attempted to set up your identical shelves. Would you both take 20 seconds? Or would the twin in space be slightly below 20 seconds?

And were you to travel into a black hole, and your twin were to remain outside, and you both attempted to set up your shelves while facing each other, would you and your twin perceive each other as setting up your shelves at the same time? Or would one appear faster or slower relative to the other?

And finally, if you were to be miniaturized and placed on the edge of a record, and your twin were to be placed at the center of the record, and a pair of scissors started cutting just as you began setting up your Origami shelves, and you all hit light speed at the same time, what would you put on your shelves in hyperspace? See? That's an important question before you start messing around with time dilations.

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