A Double Hammock? What CAN'T science do?

We're in a magical time. The rich can make governments refund them for stadiums they buy using loans they don't need. The even richer can travel in a world you and I never even see! But one thing the rich can't have that we have? A double hammock.

That's right! If you're rich, you literally cannot buy this hammock! It's impossible! The button won't let you push it! Try as you might, the rich, you'll fail each and every time. No matter how many times you click, you'll fail. You'll fail, the rich! Ha ha! Why, to buy a hammock here today AND be rich? You'd have to be the greatest, most skillful rich person ever! You'd be the top dog! The king or queen of the world!

So try all you want, the rich. Only the cool people can push that button today.

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Vivere Double Hammock - Your Choice

Vivere Double Hammock - Your Choice
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