The secret to great art is that it comes from sitting, mostly.

The great novels don't appear like a bolt of lightning, they come from someone considering the nature of the universe and writing it down. The great paintings come from one person staring into the woods until the scene is etched into their mind the way it will one day be etched into a canvas. The great symphonies, the great movies, the great discoveries even, they all come from one person doing an awful lot of sitting.

That's not us saying that you'll get this Adirondack chair and instantly change the world. But it IS us saying that once you get this chair, you've got a built-in excuse to be lazy. Don't want to mow the lawn? That's okay, you're thinking about how to best write Middle East peace accords while sitting in your Adirondack chair! Don't want to wash the car? No worries, you're busy composing a new piece of chamber music inspired by the sound of wind crossing the grass. Don't wanna take care of the kids? Hey, you're astral projecting to a higher plane of existence and everyone needs to shut the hell up and let you enjoy the world-saving work that's happening in your chair!

Because, at the core and heart of it all, existence is just about sitting. And maybe occasionally pizza delivery.

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Foldable Adirondack Chair
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