WARNING: if you try to squeeze in an extra person, we won't be held responsible.

Hey, it's the 21st Century. We get it. People are curious. They start saying "Hey, I'm bored with this personal sauna, I should branch out" or "I've always been curious what it would be like to sit in my sauna with my partner and a person of my own gender simultaneously." But we gotta say: if you're trying that with a Lifesmart Personal Sauna, you're crossing a line.

Because when you buy a Lifesmart Personal Sauna, you're making a commitment. You and the sauna, two committed people/objects, sharing a life for life. Of course it's only natural to have daydreams and fantasies, but you should use them to strengthen what's between you and the sauna, not attempt to cram another person in the sauna for your own gratuitous desires. This sauna is for YOU! Not three friends, or four strangers, or however many people fit on a chartered flight to a private South Seas island!

If you don't think you're ready to commit to a sauna partner at this stage in your life, that's perfectly fine. But be aware of that now, because when you commit to a Lifesmart Personal Sauna, it's forever. Because you're never ever going to fit another person into a personal sauna. It's just how things are.

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Lifesmart Infrared Personal Sauna
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