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Water, water, everywhere! Possibly you should use these instead of just spilling water.

Plants grow where they can get water. But we don't always want to do that ourselves. We want to live out in the solitary desert! And then, for some reason, we want to have all those plants we left behind where there was water. We're a kinda ridiculous species that way.

But don't worry, with a few thousand feet of hose (not included) and one of these Rachio Iro controllers, you'll be able to control all the water that goes to your plants. You'll have grass that is just wet enough instead of over-watered, and plants that are nice and green, instead of dissolved due to the ravages of Nature.

And then, in a few years, you can complain about how everyone has moved to your pristine desert and ruined the solitude you had when it was just you and your plants. It's the circle of life.

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Rachio 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller
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