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Oh, Halloween! The only time of year it's socially acceptable to wave your gardening tools around and scream.

We'll clarify: nobody here at Tools.Woot thinks you should do something risky and incorporate a Chainsaw or a Cordless Hedge Trimmer or a simple Hedge Trimmer tool into your scary Halloween costume. In fact, we actively discourage it. TUT TUT we shall say if we catch you doing it, TUT TUT!
 But, you know, when has anyone ever really listened to us?

So if you WERE going to ignore us completely, well, this time of year is the best time to ignore us. And imagine how smart you'd look, firing up your Chainsaw or Cordless Hedge Trimmer or simple Hedge Trimmer and waving it into the sky while standing on your neighbor's lawn wearing a butcher's apron (which you should never ever do, incidentally) and yelling HAPPY HALLOWEEN at the top of your lungs! Doesn't that just get your heart racing? Doesn't that just sound like amazing fun?

It's just a shame you'll never actually get to do it. And if you do, you know, we did everything we could to stop you.

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