The hard part about getting away from the bad parts of society is leaving the good parts of society. Like electricity.

Traffic? Leave it. Barking chihuahuas? Leave 'em! Three in the morning cock fights on the roof of your apartment? Inhumane, and not as easy to win as blackjack. Leave all that behind! But don't start thinking you can get all Lord Of The Flies out there in the Arizona desert without a little bit of power.

You see, power is like a limited edition test release of a candy bar: if you're not near a big city, you're never going to get some of your own. And then you'll have to read a bunch of blogs explaining how good it is and how they'll never again dare to release it because the missing ingredient came from lemur spit or something. We've all been there, right?

The moral of the story is this: always be prepared. Make sure that if you don't live on the grid, you've got access to a portable power supply much like this one. Because without it, how will you keep those lemur spit candy bars frozen until you find a buyer? Good Lord, people, did we learn nothing from Breaking Bad?

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12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply

12V Jump Starter Kit and Power Supply
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