Old rockers never die. They just switch to blues on the porch.

The very first rocker wasn't there when the very first rock chord was created. Where it probably happened was on somebody's porch. Some young man fresh from the crossroads played his guitar a little faster than ever before. And what happened? What happened was rock 'n roll was born. And what do you think that young man was sitting in when it all happened?

That's right. It's impossible to say. But that means there's a 50/50 chance he was sitting in a rocker.

So don't worry if your plan is to sit in this chair and bust out a mad crazy dope beat box line or drape across the arms and hum some dreamy ambient candypop or stand on the chair and shout out opera from the diaphram or maybe even lean on the chair so you don't mess up your mod threads. No matter how you use it, it's still gonna be a rocker.

Please don't stand on the chair. That's dangerous. Even for a trained opera singer.

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Grey Wicker Rocking Chair

Grey Wicker Rocking Chair
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