At last, a cheap way to film your one-person off-Broadway show!

Until today, it cost a lot of money to create a streaming online web event. Until today, you'd need to pay actors, add cameras, possibly set up a table with free food and build a shrub from cardboard. But now? Why, now you need NONE of those things! All you need is a Home Security Camera with App to direct, control, and share your videos with, um, one extra person.

And it goes without saying that you'll save a lot of money on security as well. Who needs to hire a late night guard to watch the set when you can just leave this Home Security Camera on instead? Anybody walks up, you'll see 'em, thanks to the power of this App to transfer camera images right to your phone! Hey, you're savin' money left and right now! Just like a big-wig producer!

And guess what? There's a special award for directors who use this Home Security Camera w App to make their movies! We call it the "Camery." Yeah, as you can guess, we're having some meetings with Toyota's people. But it'll all work out.

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Black Label Home Security Camera with App

Black Label Home Security Camera with App
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