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How were your other mates helping last time the power went out?

There's a reason this is called a Powermate, not just an ordinary mate. It's not like your ordinary mates (or "friends," if you will) because, again, it's a Powermate. It's great having friends and all, and frankly we're happy for you that you do, but what are your mates going to do when the power goes out?

They might be able to light candles, give you a flashlight, eat all of the food in your fridge so that it doesn't go bad, and those are all admirable displays of effort, but frankly, none of that comes close to what this Powermate 3,000-Watt Portable Generator can do.

Using its 212cc OHV engine, 4-gallon fuel tank, and 11-hour run time at a 50% load, it'll provide the electricity you need when what you really want is electricity, not friendship.

Nothing against friendship in general, but in times of need, and by times of need, we mean times in need of electricity, there's one mate that will be there for you: your Powermate.

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Powermate 3,000-Watt Portable Generator

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Powermate 3,000-Watt Portable Generator
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