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Fire Pit, I choose YOU! /fwoooosh

Ha ha! Hello! Welcome to the Hiland Training Center! I'm Doctor Hyland! I'm going to give you your first Decorative Heater! You choose which you'd prefer! Ha ha!

> Decorative Fire Pit

Oh! You've chosen the Decorative Fire Pit! Is that correct?

> Yes, I want the Decorative Fire Pit
   No, I want the Walrusaur

Okay! The Decorative Fire Pit it is! Here you go! Are you ready to train your Decorative Fire Pit now?

> Yes, I am ready to train my Decorative Fire Pit
    What? I wanted a Walrusaur! This game is fixed!

Terrific! Let's take your Decorative Fire Pit over to the Training Yard!

> OK!
   One day I'll find you, Walrusaur. Stay true. Keep waiting.

Oh, look! Your first opponent! It seems to be a Walrusaur.

> Bring it, I can win this fight!
  WHAT? No no no! It wasn't supposed to happen this way!

Walrusaur throws a salmon at you! It misses.

> Attack the Walrusaur!
  Make friends with the Walrusaur. There's still time!

You attack the Walrusaur with your Fire Pit! The area is heated for approximately 15 square feet! Walrusaur is too hot! He leaves!

> Hooray! I win!

Your Fire Pit levels up! Your Fire Pit is a champion! Now you're ready to fight more Walrusaurs!

> What a great game!
   I'm never playing this again.

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