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Inside this box we have placed a cat and a pellet. Now, it's up to you. Well, a statistical majority of you, anyway.

Behold! The Gladiator Wall Box Kit! Designed to hold 150 pounds, this 22-gauge heavy-duty welded steel construction has exceptional structure and perfect support. So perfect, in fact, it can hold a small cat and a very special gas pellet.

And now, dear readers, the quantum choice is up to you.

You see, we here at Woot Tools & Garden believe in the theory that we are mere quantum wave forms, gathered together into the best of all possible worlds, and that our destinies are formed by how we join together to shape the grand energy of life into reality! Which is why, today, we're creating the famous Schrodinger's Cat experiment with our Gladiator Wall Box Kit. And that's where you come in.

Do you want the cat to defeat the pellet? Simply buy the box! Each sale will count as a vote towards the cosmic good, moving mankind closer to a place where a kitty can run happily through time and space.

But if you want the pellet to overcome the cat, don't buy the box! Then, our dimension will fall into a dark and sinister timeline, where, at some point, no kittens will be born. The Internet will fail due to lack of interest. Wikileaks will close. Fire pits will form. The sky will turn crimson and weep black rain. Our Earth, as we know it, will be doomed.

But no pressure, right? Buy or don't buy, you choose the path you feel is best.

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Gladiator 24-Inch Welded Wall Box Kit

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Gladiator 24-Inch Welded Wall Box Kit
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