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We’re having so much fun being lazy reading these old write-ups that we’ve decided to share them with you through the end of our 10th birthday month! Check out this refurb- uh, classic.

Converters: Tablets in Disguise (November, 2006):

You may think you've stumbled across every possible way to let your loved ones down, but here's one that's probably new even to a seasoned expert like you: tell them, in confidential but urgent tones, that Woot is selling a convertible for six hundred bucks. Oh, to see the looks on their crestfallen faces when they discover the Gateway M275 Tablet Convertible PC instead of the Miata or Spyder they've been lusting after. 'Tis the season to be disappointed, chumps! Har har!

But once they calm down and get a good look at the M275, chances are they'll thank you. It's a tablet PC! It's a notebook PC! It's cheap, it's light, and it swivels whichever way you want it to - just like your dream date! If you're a tablet addict, just swing your display screen 'round and 'round and turn your PC upside down. Viola, Frank! You're cold-rockin' tablet-style! If that kind of experimentation makes you uncomfortable, you can promote traditional mobile-computing values with a more "vanilla" notebook configuration, just the way the laptop creator intended.

Whichever way you roll, you'll discover an enchanted world of decent-to-good features unfolding before you. Get a load of that integrated 802.11B/G wireless capability. Dig that Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition and One Notes software, giving you all the convenience of post-its without the messy paper, ink and glue. Feast your circuits on the 8-cell Li-Ion battery. Is the 1.5Ghz Centrino the fastest processor around? No, but Wonder Woman isn't the fastest runner in the DC Universe, and she'd still trounce you in a footrace. And if you think the 40GB hard drive is too small, we're telling the entertainment industry on you, because you're obviously one of those file-sharing thieves we keep hearing about.

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