Even the enlightened high masters need to fix their car once in a while.

Part of being Illuminated is knowing that, without your guiding invisible hand, the whole place would fall apart. Like, imagine if the free market was really free! How would all the members of Majestic 12 get rich? By LUCK? Ha ha ha ha ha! It's much better to just get in there and make changes to the Grand Engine Of The World by hand. It's much more fun, too. Just like working on a car.

And that's why the Illuminated of the world recommend that you buy a Rechargeable Inspection Light to help you repair things. You know, for your own fun and enjoyment. Not to make a difference. No, no, no, nothing you do matters at all. We've got this. Really. That's what we became Illuminated for.

Oh, you think it should be "That's the reason for which we became Illuminated" instead? How cute. Who do you think made the grammar rules to keep you from knowing the TRUE language?

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Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Light w/ Hook

Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Light w/ Hook
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