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Hey, aren't you guys just super enjoying that hot new CW series Arrow? Wow! That show just keeps on giving and giving! Smart plots, really good writing, acting of the highest caliber, and a deep understanding of the human condition. If ever there's a show that's going to last for decades to come, it's Arrow. Which is where the problem arises! Because what if there's some sort of extinction event? How can we preserve our copies of Arrow so that survivors and alien races will be able to find and learn from them?

The answer is simple: in an Arrow Shed! These strong sheds are designed to store stuff for a long time, keeping it safely out of the way where it won't be ruined by sun, rain, wind, or those fools who think the Avengers movies are high-quality entertainment. People like that, they can't possibly understand just how a show like Arrow will eventually change the face of our planet. Haven't you noticed how people are already talking about archery? Didn't you see a few weeks back, on March 17th, when everyone was wearing green? This show is ABOUT something, people! This show is CHANGING LIVES!

Get your Arrow Shed and do your part. If not for yourself, for the children of tomorrow. This is our generation's Illiad, you know. If we don't preserve it, who will?

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