This SafeRack is down, but not beaten. Kinda like the hero of a country song.

There at the back of a lonely bar is the hero of every country song. Dumped? Yeah. Broke? You know it. Had their heart ripped out and fed to their pet dog who was then taken from them by a cop that they also used to date and was their boss who then fired them and broke up with them while taking the dog? That's the one! Our poor hero is as scratched and dented as this SafeRack. But you know what? This hero, and this SafeRack, they're not gonna stay down. They're gonna stand up, stagger out of the bar, take a cab home, change their mind and tell the cab to stop at the local late night breakfast join, eat their drunken weight in hash browns, get another cab home, sleep all weekend and wake up ready to face the world again! Because that's what heroes of country songs do.

So don't think a few scratches and dents on this SafeRack make it any less of a SafeRack, just like a few scratches and dents on a person's life don't make them any less of a person. Maybe, just maybe, the scratches and dents make this a better SafeRack. A wiser SafeRack. A more experienced SafeRack!

Just, you know, don't give it all your passwords on the first date or anything. It's okay to trust this SafeRack with your tools, but don't just jump into things blindly.

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SafeRacks - Your Choice

SafeRacks - Your Choice
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