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Sauna life requires a lot of hydration. Just keep that in mind.

It's not our place to judge anyone's lifestyle. As long as you don't hurt anyone and you file your taxes, live it up! And you know what? If you want to retreat from society and spend your golden years inside a personal home sauna, we support you. It's your right. Just know that you've gotta prepare.

1) Bring Water. If you're living inside a sauna, you're going to need to drink a LOT of water. Maybe get one of those little water coolers like they have at the office or maybe place the sauna over a fresh water river and drill a little hole in the floor? That's your decision to make. We just note you'll need water.

2) Seriously. Bring water. We cannot stress this enough. Visiting a sauna to sweat a bit is perhaps healthy, or at least fun, but living in one is REALLY gonna put a huge stress on your body. One might even say a human being shouldn't live in a sauna. But hey, it's your decision, right? Just stay hydrated!

3) Maybe bring a book or something. Like, this is a good sized sauna, but to live in? You might get a little lonely.

4) Water. We're not kidding. Thank you in advance.

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