Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! Or, you know, whatever day it is that you're reading this.

Tonight! At the Chaseadunk International House Of Speed & Waffles! We've got the Speedway 7-in-1 Power Station! See it inflate a tire with 260 max psi. See it recharge with a pull-crank generator. See it deliver power to any USB device using the built-in USB charger and still use the emergency flasher to warn oncoming cars, buses or m-m-m-m-monster trucks! Meet Thermal Overload supermodel Cindy Lou Buttermilk and the trained goats of Goat Legion Gamma! And don't forget: free pickled cabbage pancakes for the first nineteen season ticket holders!

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Speedway 7 in 1 Powerstation & Jumpstart
$57.99 In Stock Home & Garden
$57.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
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Woot! Tools.Woot
4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.