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Hello, friends! I'm Gagachubel the Blue, and my wizard power is making self-watering elevated gardens! Hoo hoo hoo! Alakazam!

Watch, I'll make one now. Poof! There it is! A nice Garden Wizard Elevated Garden! See how it cradles the seed up high, so you don't have to bend? See how it self-waters and self-drains? See how it is stackable with others of its ilk? Truly, this is magic indeed!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it. Gagachubel the Blue didn't go to all his classes when he as in Wizard School. Gagachubel the Blue spent a lot of his time down at that beach, getting trashed with nursing students from the local community college. In fact, Gagachubel the Blue eventually had to go talk to the dean who said "Gagachubel the Blue, you're not cut out to be a magician wizard!" and transferred Gagachubel the Blue to Gardening Wizard School.

But, hey. That's just more time for Gagachubel the Blue to party, right? Come on back, I've got a Garden Wizard Elevated Garden full of potatoes just waiting to be magically turned into french fries. Just need the magic words. Hocus Oilinapanocus! See? You don't need a degree from Wizard University to be a wizard!

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Wizard Elevated Garden

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Wizard Elevated Garden
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