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WARNING: the "Pancake Compressor" doesn't actually shrink pancakes.

It may be a shock to some of you Porter-Cable 3-Tool Combo seekers to learn that sometimes tools have names that are descriptive, rather than literal. The "claw hammer" isn't actually made to smash claws. The "Allen wrench" can be used by people of many names. And the Pancake Compressor that comes in this Porter-Cable 3-Tool Combo isn't made to compress pancakes.

Now, the compressor WILL let you use your pneumatic tools off of 150 PSI. And you'll also be getting said pneumatic tools in the Porter-Cable 3-Tool Combo Kit so you can start fixing and building pretty much the moment you open the box!

We say this because, right now, you're probably wondering if it's possibly to build a machine that actually compresses freshly made pancakes. And you might actually have a few ideas for some blueprints that will start you on a path which ultimately will allow you to use your Porter-Cable 3-Tool Combo to build an actual machine that compresses pancakes.

Let's just say we encourage this idea. And feel free to give us a call once you get past the prototype stage. We're always open to starting buffet.woot.

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Porter-Cable Compressor/3-Tool Combo Kit

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