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Propane for my real friends, and real pain for my pro friends! Wait, that's not the quote...

Who doesn't love the great taste of bacon prepared on a gas or propane grill? Well, when using a Powermate Propane & Gas Generator to power your electronics, it'll almost be the exact same thing! You probably won't be able to tell the difference! Honest!

Imagine cooking bacon on a little stove powered by a Powermate Propane & Gas Generator. Some people might say it isn't the same as using a propane/gas grill, but can they prove it? CAN THEY PROVE IT???? Because a lot of people say a lot of things they can't prove, you know. And there's a good chance that, as long as there's propane/gas somewhere in the chain, that bacon's going to be EXACTLY as good!

And hey! Hey! Check this out! Can that stupid ol' grill power your other electronics? No? Oh, but it's propane/gas! It's maaaaagical! It makes bacon into ultra-bacon! THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE. DON'T FALL FOR IT. USING A GENERATOR IS BASICALLY JUST AS GOOD.

But please be sure your bacon is cooked thoroughly. Undercooked meats are no laughing matter.

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Powermate Propane or Gas Generators

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