Sometimes a person just wants to take off their gauntlets and lounge around.

Hey, lots of people are out there trying to take over the universe. Why rush? Why not just sit down and let THEM do all the hard work for you? Like, you're smarter and more powerful than some schmo with funny hair and a talking duck, aren't you? So what's the big deal? You can swing by and take that sucker's gems any time you want. Take the weekend off in one of these Infinity Loungers and turn your thoughts toward the purple-robed force of nature that you love.

It's certainly better than being turned into stone while standing in an uncomfortable position. Which we all know is almost certainly going to happen, right? Like, there's not even a little bit of doubt, is there?

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Infinity Lounger with Beige Cushion

Infinity Lounger with Beige Cushion
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