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Camera + doorbell = free TV

Reality shows, right? WRONG. They are reality at all. How can you call yourself someone who loves reality if all you do is watch cherry-picked drivel edited by someone who wants to up the drama 3000%? YOU CAN'T. If you're a real reality fan, you'll be after this door camera, so you can watch the world outside your door AS THE WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR.

Much like an Andy Warhol movie, you'll need to see all the long agonies of nothing that can last for hours and hours. But then? Then you'll see the REAL moments that ties those nothings together! Your neighbor's home late. Did they get takeout, or are they... HAVING AN AFFAIR??? That squirrel ran across the yard to a different tree than yesterday. Is it just playing or is it... HAVING AN AFFAIR??? There's a delivery guy, leaving a package out front. Is it the box your ordered or is it some suitor hoping to entice you into... HAVING AN AFFAIR???

Also, this camera will let you see who's ringing the doorbell. But we all know that's just the boring part. All the good stuff happens in your mind. Just like in reality TV.

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Your Choice
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