As we move toward a world with no real conversation, invest in mechanical jump starters!

Hey, we're not dissin' here. Nobody wants to be the one who has to leave the car and hike to some stranger's gas station in hopes they'll find a working phone booth. That's a 20th Century madness we should be happy to leave behind forever. We're just pointing out that owning a SFA Jump Starter like this means that you DON'T have to wonder how to convince the tow truck guy with a "I LIKES YA" tattoo across his forehead that you'd rather not ride in the cab. Owning an SFA Jump Starter means you will NEVER need to flag down a pair of headlights before knowing if the driver is hauling chicken parts to the slurry factory in a cab with a broken AC. Owning an SFA Jump Starter means you can start your OWN car, with no help from any roadside crazies who run a snake zoo just down the road where you are cordially invited to stay the night.

Trust us. A grocery bagging robot might be taking work from a polite teenager who needs the experience to become a future CEO. But this thing? This thing's not taking anything from anybody. All this thing does is return your peace of mind.

And also some power to your engine. So you don't have to bunk with the snake.

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Jump Starters - Your Choice

Jump Starters - Your Choice
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