It's still not to late to turn from your life of Grime.

Jimmy. Jimmy, it's me. It's your brother Davey. I became a priest, Jimmy. I'm your brother the Father. And I'm hear to tell you that I still love you, Jimmy. I'm not giving up on taking you away from your role as a grime boss.

No, Jimmy. There's still hope. A guy like you could make it big in the world. Sure, you'd have to pay your debt to society, but then you could really clean up this town. Why, I bet there are plenty of fellas out there with dirty fingers who'd look to you for a solution, if only you'd be willing to lead them.

Jimmy, think about it, huh? Remember how we used to get our hands dirty in the backyard, workin' on your car? And then we'd go inside and Ma would clean us right up. That's what I wanna do for you, Jimmy. I wanna clean you right up, make you good again. Don't take too long, okay, Jimmy? Because, sooner or later, they're gonna come for you, Jimmy. Grime doesn't pay.

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288 Count Industrial Strength Hand Wipes

288 Count Industrial Strength Hand Wipes
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