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There's nothing you can't vacuum now.

DATELINE: 1948. Post war cleanup stalls as the Allied forces reach the muddy banks of the Rhine river. Army engineers fret: their vacuums only suck up dirt! In the time it takes them to discuss how to proceed, Joe Communism moves across the lines and takes root in the void. The Cold War begins! Freedom struggles!

DATELINE: NOW. The world has changed drastically. Freedom is on the move! And why? Because the Wet/Dry Vac allows us to clean up anywhere, any thing, at any time! Got socialism in the bathroom? Vacuum it up! Maoism under the kitchen sink? Vacuum it up! Liberal Democracy in a light puddle on the balcony out back? Vacuum it up! At long last, there's no need to tolerate other forms of political opinion! HURRAH FOR THE WET/DRY VAC! HURRAH!

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Emerson Wet/Dry Vacs - Your Choice
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