Today's Woot Write-up

The best gift you'll ever give yourself... and your loved ones.

Did you hear that?

Sleigh bells!

Oh, boy! He's here!

Shh! He won't slide down the chimney if he thinks we're awake!

Hear that?

He's eating the cookies!

Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

I hope I get a pony!

Wait, what's that?

Sounds like he's on the stairs!

Is he coming up here, do you think?

Maybe we get to meet Santa!



Oh, boy!

Wait... is that the bathroom door opening?

Ew, gross!

Hey, he's flying around the world, let the guy use our bathroom.

What's the sound.



Oh, man, is Santa using our Bidet?

I... I don't know how I feel about this.

I know. I guess it's cool but-

Yeah. Look, let's just... let's just try to sleep.

Oh, man, is he humming? Is he humming in the bathroom? Santa, ew!

This is the worst Christmas ever!

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