For the generation that said they'd never stop rocking.

Look, there's no reason you have to turn into a liar just because your grandkids started listening to South African hip hop instead of bands from San Francisco. You don't have to rock any less! You used to nod your head at the shows, how is this any different?

Look, if it helps, you can put some stickers on the legs. People will come up on the porch and say "Oh, wow! The Animals? What an obscure band!" and you'll get that same rush you did when you were young and just discovering music for the first time. And hey, if you really dig what young Braydon is playing on his iPod, you can rock along to that just as hard! This Orbital Rocking Lounger is MADE for rocking!

And anyway, the music you love really started in rocking chairs. What do you think they had all over Laurel Canyon back in the day? There's no shame in being comfy!

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Orbital Rocking Lounger, Black or Brown

Orbital Rocking Lounger, Black or Brown
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