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How can you enjoy a cinematic look at the aristocracy without the proper lighting?

"Ah, Mr. Beams."

"Lord Lumens. How can I be of service?"

"This is a sort of delicate matter, Mr. Beams. As you know, we'll be hosting Lady Gothwell later in the month."

"The Duchess of Darkness?"

"Indeed. And, clearly, you're aware of her photophobic tendencies."

"Yas, sir, I've heard the rumors. I don't like to pay to much attention to those things, of course."

"Quite right. Nevertheless, we must be prepared. I've spoken with Lord Gothwell at the club, and Harry assures me his wife understands the need for some light as she crosses from the carriage to the great main hall. I'll need you to be able to see her from up to thirty feet away, and then activate for no more than thirty seconds as she passes by. Will you be able to handle that?"

"Indeed, Lord Lumens. I'll have my six best footmen there and waiting with their built-in sensors."

"Good man. If Lady Gothwell enjoys her stay, she might nominate me for Chairman of the League Of Light. This will go a long way toward restoring the fortunes of our house as it stands relative to the elves of Lothlumenian."

"Elves? Sir, I'm confused. I thought this was a parody of Downton Abbey, not Lord Of The Rings."

"Oh, they're not that different, Mr. Beams. Here, come help Lady Mary fight the giant spider that is social mores and you'll understand."

"Yas, sir."

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