How will YOU use your Bio Bidet? Wait, never mind. We can probably guess.

There aren't a wide variety of ways one can use a Bio Bidet. But there are a wide variety of times when one can use a Bio Bidet. And if we're being honest with ourselves, they're all equally important.

VISIT FROM ANNOYING COUSIN - When hiding from any family member, the bathroom is the ideal place. They might feel close enough to walk into your bedroom without knocking, but nobody feels comfortable walking in on a family member that's using the bathroom! Simply say "Sorry! Using the bidet!" and stay in there as long as you need. Come out before they go and say "That pulsating wash really hit the spot!" and they might not even bother to shake your hand.

DURING A RAIN STORM - Who doesn't dream of being refreshed with a gentle summer shower? Close your eyes and you can imagine the dual nozzles are really the fresh raindrops you hear against the windowpane. Ah, nature.

AUNT MATILDA'S TWO ALARM CHILI NIGHT - Two alarm? Pfft. You can handle THAT! But you don't want Aunt Matilda to feel bad, do you? So eat a few bowls of her chili, then run to the bathroom and yell THANK GOD FOR THE BIDET as loud as you can. It'll make her feel like a chili queen.

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Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seats
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