Slime Tire Inflator - Your Choice

by wootbot

Never Say "I Don't Know"

Hey, don't be afraid. Slime is just "smile" turned inside out.

Inflating tires can be quite the physical challenge. That's why you've got to prepare. With an air compressor at your side, you'll have a little boost over the other team, especially if they're trying to blow up a tire with their mouths.

But that's not all! You can also use this air compressor to blow up sports balls, which you can then try to kick into a goal before the timer reaches zero! Plus you can inflate a raft, which you will likely paddle across a tank of no-bean chili in an attempt to place a hot dog into a hot dog bun before the other team does the same! Remember, you'll need to do that four times in order to win, so good luck!

Owing either one of these Slime Air Compressors will make your life a little richer, a little better, a little more full of air. We dare you to try and live your life without an air compressor like this. In fact, we double dare you.