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Rechargeable Mosquito Killer LED Bulbs

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I was trying to find out the life of the battery since I go camping & would love something like this if it lasts long enough. I think it is the same one as on Amazon here and there is some more information including battery life. However I can't find any reviews of this and I know the regular screw in bug zapper light bulbs had bad reviews, so I am worried about buying these. If anyone has any experience with these I would love to hear it.

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From I've seen on U tube.. The ones that screw in to a light socket do work. But you have to wonder how well the battery ones work. The more bugs, I can bet the battery life will be go south too.



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I have NEVER read a report that bug zappers have any effect on mosquitoes. They do, however, kill many other insects NONE of which are a threat to humans!


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Won't SOMEONE think of the insects?