Drowning in It

Cobia XL Pool Cleaner cleans regardless of how clean a life its owner leads.

Hello, Cobia support? Hey, yeah, I was just calling because I have a quick question about your product, the Cobia XL Pool Cleaner. Yeah, so I know that it cleans pools in the traditional sense, but what about the abstract? Like, can it remove the filth of moral indiscretions? Just to clarify: not mine. My girlfriend's.

Okay, yeah, yeah. I understand that Cobia stands for Chlorine On Board Integrated Automation and that it uses a compact electrolytic cell to make chlorine from chloride that's already in the pool. But that's not what I'm asking; I want to know how it works on the residue of adultery...

What's my name? Why's that important?! Oh, you just want to know what you can call me. Sure. Um... Rober- Actually, let's go with Bob. Pattin... um... fun. Bob Pattinfun. That's me.

So, anyway, I'm not really interested in how the titanium plates inside this thing work. I don't care that it will do its thing on it its own, nor do I care that its multi-function user interface will tell me when salt levels are too low or too high.

Can I level with you here: I don't even live there anymore. The place with the pool? I just moved out a few days ago. And even when I did live there, I used it maybe twice. In fact, I barely go outside at all. For my job, it's best that I get as little sun as possible.

And Kris- I mean, my girlfriend? I'm not even sure if she's committed any unfaithful acts in the pool, but she might've. So that's why I'm asking if the pool could be teaming with lies, or does the Cobia take care of that stuff? You know, for... um... real estate value stuff.


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  • H2O + Salt + COBIA = Sparkling clear pool with naturally chlorinated water
  • Can be used in any chlorine, bromine-treated or salt system pool, up to 40,000 gallons

What is C.O.B.I.A.?

  • C.O.B.I.A. (Chlorine On Board Integrated Automation) system uses a compact electrolytic cell to produce chlorine on-site, from sodium chloride (salt) present in the pool
  • This process of pool chlorination occurs as pool water passes between a series of titanium plates which make up the cell
  • These plates have low current passing between them causing an electro-chemical reaction leading to the production of chlorine

How does the C.O.B.I.A. system work?

  • Turn on the power supply and the robot will begin to clean and chlorinate the pool
  • Once the cleaning cycle ends (1.5 hours), the cell will continue to sanitize the pool for a pre-determined period programmed by the user
  • Each day, this robot will work on its own without touching any buttons
  • The multi-function user interface is located on the power supply which displays the chlorination time and lets the user know the system status
  • Interface alerts the user when salt levels are too high or low
  • The interface has two separate LED’s indicating when the system is in cleaning and/or chlorinating mode(s)

What makes the C.O.B.I.A. technology advanced?

  • Self-cleaning cell reverses polarity to eliminate scaling and extend cell life
  • Switch mode power supply makes C.O.B.I.A. more efficient then conventional chlorinators
  • On-site chlorination production evenly distributes the sanitizer directly in the pool
  • Allows the user to clean and/or chlorinate the pool at the same time

Operation in these 5 easy steps:

  1. Measure salt level of your pool, add salt if needed
  2. Drop the C.O.B.I.A. cleaner in the pool
  3. Plug the floating cable of the unit into the power supply
  4. Set the chlorine timer on the power supply base on your pool size (LED light)
  5. Turn on the unit, cleaning and chlorinating begins


  • Totally independent from the pool filter or pressure line
  • No hoses or connections
  • Can help to reduce energy and chemical costs by 50%
  • Easy to remove 2 micron filter bag collects sand, silt, or leaves
  • Saves energy costs reducing use of pump and filter
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Keeps pool water softer, cleaner, and fully sanitized all at the touch of a button
  • Operates on a low salt level (3,000 ppm) which is less than a human tear
  • No more storing and transporting extra sanitizing chemicals
  • No more damaged hair, red eyes, irritated skin, and color faded bathing suits

View Manufacturer's Product Video here

View Operating Instructions Here

View Parts List Here

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes and APO addresses not available for this item

Warranty: 2 Year Aquatron


Pool Size: Up to 40,000 gallons
Input Power: 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Total Output Power: 12-32 VDC, 198 Watts
Chlorine: 16 Grams Per Hour
Expected Cell Life: 5,000 Hours
Recommended Pool Type Chlorine, Bromine and Salt

Requires salt which is readily available at most pool stores

In the Box:

  • (1) Aquatron ARBUS1COBIAKCB Cobia XL Pool Robot

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