Lo, It Is Even More Craftsman Tool Chests!

Upon the morrow, companions, we strike on to Glabbledorp, the home of the Bright Elves of Gelderbong. As our Fellowship has promised, we must build them a meeting hall in which they can ponder the glory of Balldefwoop! Take the chest that most suits you, and do your part! For Glabbledorp!

Ends on August 9 at 12AM CT

About Glabbledorp

Glabbledorp is known to be in the Glade of Whooblebong, neighbor of Gelderbong, from whence the Elves first journeyed after Smangledung captured Castle Brolanis in the Skirmish Of Totinos during the War Of Hamsters-Bottle. Hey, does anyone feel like playing a little Led Zeppelin all of a sudden?