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In the depths of the ocean live strange fish designed to survive under great pressure. And they STILL can't handle 3200 PSI.

3200 PSI is strong. Like, way strong. Like if you went swimming at the level where sharks tend to hang out? That wouldn't be 3200 PSI of pressure. And if you went down to visit the cool blind octopus-monsters? Nope. You're still not at 3200 PSI. You've got to go all the way down to the dark cave in which the great Lovecraftian fish-monsters live before you start approaching 3200 PSI. And you won't come back from the great Lovecraftian fish-monsters. They'll see to that themselves.

With that kind of pressure, you can bet that all those little stains and blemishes on your patio or walls or whatever are going to come right off. Or go mad. One of the two. Such is the horror of 3200 PSI.

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