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If you didn't have so much cool tiny stuff, you wouldn't need cool tiny cabinets.

The price of working with small stuff is that small stuff can get lost. And of course it works both ways...the price of working with big stuff is that big stuff takes up a lot of room. Like, if you were making giant Richard Serra sculptures out of steel and stacked Volkswagens or whatever, your storage cabinets might be the size of a city block. But you're not. You're working with nails and buttons and thread and brads and whatever tiny things you've been having fun with. And that means your storage cabinets need to be small.

Without them, you're in a lot of trouble. Nobody would misplace a bunch of steel and Volkswagens. But buttons and nails and the like? Unattended small stuff is super easy to lose. And step on. And weep over. Without tiny stuff holders like these, your tiny stuff will be forever lost to the winds of fate. Take control! Master your tiny needs!

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2-Pack Akro-Mils 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets
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