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You can't get blood from a stone, but you CAN get flowers from Flowerocks! If you want, you can pretend it's because of your cosmic power.

Von Daniken. Glen Larson. That guy from LOST who couldn't do a decent ending if his life depended on it. And the great Jack Kirby. All men who brought us a vision of "space gods" who seeded life on our planet. Until today, it's only been a theory. But now we know for sure: life can come from rocks.

A BARREN EARTH. Upon it steps the first visitor.

Through his red and gold space helmet, he stares across what will one day be the cradle of civilization. He holds an electric blue gauntlet high, signals his ship, and the landing begins. Down comes a small transport full of "Flowerocks" in their special weather-resistant fiberglass "rock" casings. The spaceman rests them in an attractive pattern with all the loving care of a parent. Then, he steps back in silence. The barren Earth makes no reply... BUT CHANGE IS IN THE AIR!

There is a faint hiss, and then, the release of the hose. The spaceman drops water upon the choicest flower bulbs just as the sun rises for the very first time. The rays of light catch the young plants... AND THE REACTION BEGINS!

Slowly, the stones turn from a strong internal support system filled with a professional growing medium to the first flowers of the first season... a season that will ultimately become a new race of living beings... MAN!

And if imaginary space gods can do it, why can't you? Technically the only difference between a futuristic dream-world and a back patio is that the dream-world is full of dots and way-cool monsters.

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Flowerocks are a self-contained growing system for perennial flowers. Each naturalistic rock shell is hand-made of sturdy, weather-resistant fiberglass. Pre-filled with professional growing medium and the choicest flower bulbs, the materials are bound together by an internal support system that will insure successful germination and flowering for many years. The formed plastic rock is light weight yet extremely realistic-- easily mistaken for an actual stone.

Reuse your Flowerocks between bulb growth: Once the flowers have bloomed and peaked, the rock can double as a planter for annuals without affecting the bulbs within, which will return the following season.

Flowerocks are lightweight, sturdy and extremely decorative. They can be placed almost anywhere! In the garden, on the deck, by the pool, on the front steps, even on an urban rooftop or fire escape! Ideally suited for outdoor use, they can also be set indoors – so long as there is good, natural light, a Flowerock can grow.

Just peel off the seal, place in a sunny spot, add water and in a few weeks, you'll have beautiful flowers that will come back, year after year!

  • No need to get your hands dirty
  • No digging, no planting
  • Just place, water, and wait

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Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Requires strong, natural light
  • Bulbs supplied by from Ednie Bulbs, Inc.

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Flowerocks Dahlia Perennial Flowers
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