Johnson 40-6662 Quad-Line Self-Leveling Cross-Line Generator with Plumb Beam

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Levels Amplified By Stimulated Emission Of Rad Tools

My name's Laser Johnson, I come from Wisconsin, I work doing leveling there...

We're not going to waste a whole lot of your time today. All we want to do is break it down with a short list as to why we think this Johnson Level Laser is going to be one of the best purchases for someone, like you, who might be considering a level. Ready? Okay.

1) This level sends laser beams all over the place. Horizontal, vertical, and plumb, individually or simultaneously. That makes it perfect for low-budget "Laser Floyd" night in the shed.

2) This level comes with a built-in nickname: "Laser Johnson". Doesn't that sound neat? Like a 21st Century cave explorer or some Indiana Jones of tomorrow. "Laser Johnson" and the Inner Pendulum! Tell us you wouldn't be first in line for that.

3) This level looks a bit like a robot. Not a crazy robot that will take over the world. A nice robot, that will hang out and say "What is the meaning of love?" and maybe have a funny scene with a dog. The kind of robot that will always stay on the straight and narrow, which is only fitting, since it IS a level, after all. Even if it's not really a robot. But you can always pretend.

4) This level will help you do stuff like hang your paintings at extreme angles via manual mode. Ever wanted to challenge the art world by doing an exhibit tilted entirely at 85 degrees? Now you can! And boy, won't that scare the fat-cat establishment keeping the young dreamers down, eh?

5) If you get bored with it, you can take out your Warhammer 40K set and use it as a new experimental spaceship for your Imperial Navy. Oh, won't they flip angrily through the fluff then! But what can they do? Once the self-leveling laser beams come out in all directions, they'll be too amazed at your tactic to even consider lodging a protest with the referee!

6) It's just a good feeling when your best friend starts bragging about the length of his big metal level, and you can whip out your "Laser Johnson" and show how much further it reaches. 200' inside and 300' outside, depending on lighting conditions! That's a tool you can be proud to show off.

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Serious Amateur!

This item is made for the person who knows that vice grips don't solve everything. The sort of person who knows when to use pliers and when to use a wrench. Or maybe, just maybe, for the person ABOUT to learn all that!

  • Professional-grade quad-line self-leveling line generator with plumb beam and Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack
  • Locking mechanism protects inner pendulum during transportation
  • Manual mode allows unit to tilt to extreme angles
  • Laser can be rotated 360°
  • Laser has three vertical lines and two horizontal lines that projects four self-leveling cross lines plus one plumb down dot
  • Self-leveling with visual and audible alarms when beyond leveling range
  • Laser beam can be set to pulse for use with optional detector (not included)

Product Video: click here!

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 3 Year Johnson


Leveling Method: Self-Leveling (Pendulum)
Laser Wavelength: 635nm +/-10nm (Red)
Laser Classification: Class IIIa
Maximum Power Output: <=5mW
Accuracy: +/-1/8"/50ft. (+/-1mm/5m)
Interior Range: Up to 200' (60m) depending on light conditions
Exterior Range: Up to 300' (90m) diameter with detector (not included)
Self-Leveling Range: +/-3 degrees
Power Supply:
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 6.4V Battery Adapter (included)
  • (4) AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours continuous use
Working Temperature: 14F to 113F (-10C to +45C)
Center Screw Thread: 5/8"-11
Dimensions: 4.73" x 4.96" x 7.09" (120 x 126 x 180mm)
Weight: 4lbs. (1.8kg)
Product Manual: Click Here!

In the Box: 

Johnson 40-6662 Quad Line Self Leveling Cross Line Generator with Plumb Beam includes:

  • Quad-Line Self-Leveling Line Generator with Plumb Beam
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 6.4 V Battery Adapter
  • Tinted Glasses
  • Magnetic Target
  • Hard-Shell Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual

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Johnson Level Quad Line Laser
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