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Cartigo Ergo Sum

Cartesian dualism: having to choose between two perfectly good carts.

Ah, Rene Descartes. A man who, one day, woke up and decided to doubt everything. Everything! He even doubted if he had a body! Maybe he was just dreaming all this! Maybe he was in a Steampunk Matrix! And from that, philosophy discovered the mind/body dualism.

But how does this apply to you?

Well, close your eyes. Feel your surroundings. Feel your existence. Cogito, ergo sum. Are you a body? Are you a mind? Or are you a body and mind unified as one?

Hey, if you're the first, no sweat. Raw minds should get the Mighty Max Sports Utlity Cart. It's got end walls, a tool rack, heavy duty bungee cords, and it's perfect for the thinker! Hold down those books and feather pens, right?

But if you're the second, don't worry. Body-beings will enjoy the Mighty Max All Purpose Garden & Lawn Cart. With the six inch deep tub (also removable!) that can help you make a "double-decker" cart and the same gripping rubber tread that all Mighty Max carts boast.

However, if you're both mind AND body, you're going to want BOTH carts! And guess what? Buy more than one cart, and you'll get a little Cartesian bonus: a free hitch for each additional cart, so you can hitch 'em all together. That's right! Joined like mind and body... forever!

And to think, your parents said that philosophy degree would never pay off.

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Casual Dabbler!

You know what a hammer is, and you're not afraid to shout it! This is the item that's perfect for the man or woman who already knows the difference between Phillips and Flat by heart. But if you want to rewire the attic? Call a pro.

All Carts Feature

  • Expandable and collapsible
  • Carries over 600 pounds
  • Made of space-age polymers to last a lifetime
  • Special wheels made from thermoplastic elastomers never go flat
  • Rubber tread provides firm grip and quiet ride
  • Cart will not rust or oxidize
  • The telescoping handle folds under the frame for easy storage and transportation
  • Capable of being completely submerged in water for usage
  • Retracts to compact size to fit in any car trunk or closet
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 100% Recyclable

Mighty Max Cart SU600B Sports Utility Cart Also Includes

  • End walls
  • Tool rack
  • Heavy duty bungee cords
  • Tool rack attaches to the rear end wall and can hold garden tools along with pliers, screwdriver, and other small tools (tools not included)
  • Place tool rack at three different locations on the rear end wall to accommodate different size tools and poles and other items

Mighty Max Cart AP600C All Purpose Garden & Lawn Cart Also Includes

  • Removable sturdy 6-inch deep tub carries 1/3 cubic yard of sand, gravel, dirt or mulch
  • Use it with tub atop cargo walls; becomes a double-decker cart
  • Use with multiple tubs; stacks up to 3 high (1 tub included; rest sold separately)

Check out this cool product video!

Bonus Special: Hitch'em up. Of course, we want you to be able to hitch together two or more carts and we will provide you with a hitch at no cost for each additional cart you purchase!

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes and APO addresses not available for this item

Warranty: 5 Year Mighty Max Cart


Expandable Flatbed (FB600A):
  • 31.5" L x 14" W; Extends to 34.5" and 38" L
  • 22 pounds
  • 10 inches off ground
Sports Utility Cart (SU600B):
  • 31.5" L x 14" W; Extends to 34.5" and 38" L
  • 23 pounds
All-Purpose Cart (AP600C):
  • 31.5" L x 14" W x 27" H (with 1 tub); Extends to 34.5" and 38" L
  • 31 pounds (comes with 1 green tub)
Removable Garden Tub (AP600C only):
  • 6" D x 18" W x 31" L
  • 7 pounds
  • 34 inches (extended)
  • 22 inches (retracted)
  • Wide 4" x "8
  • Perma-flate; thermoplastic elastomers; never flat
Path: 19-inch wheel to wheel
Load Capacity: 600 pounds
Construction: Space-age polymers
Made in USA: Yes

Mighty Max SU600B Sports Utility Cart

  • (1) Mighty Max Expandable Flatbed Cart
  • (2) End Walls
  • (1) Tool Rack
  • (2) Heavy Duty Bungee Cords

-- OR --

Mighty Max FB600A Expandable Flatbed Cart

  • (1) Mighty Max Expandable Flatbed Cart

-- OR --

Mighty Max AP600C All-Purpose Garden & Lawn Cart

  • (1) Mighty Max Expandable Flatbed Cart
  • (2) End Walls
  • (1) Tool Rack
  • (1) Removable Garden Tub

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