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What is Woot Tools & Garden?

A discussion of flagstones, crown molding, and avocado pits.

You've got a house. And maybe a yard. And it's nice. Real nice. But, you know, it could always be a little nicer. Maybe you've been meaning to add some crown molding to your microwave. Maybe you want to put some flagstones out in the backyard. Maybe you want some flags and some stones separately. The point is, you want to improve your home and yard. That's why you need Woot Tools & Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tools & Garden

Doesn't Woot already have a Home category?
Yes. But our Home runneth over with too many jaw-dropping deals to be contained by just one category. We decided to split them before we ran the risk of a dangerously high deal density, which can cause permanent website rupture.
How will Tools & Garden be different from Home?
There are a lot of ways to look at it. You could say Tools & Garden is about building your space and Home is about how you live in that space. You could say Tools & Garden sells hard stuff and Home sells soft stuff. You could say Tools & Garden sells discarded avocado pits and Home sells custom oil-paint portraits of your dolls, but in that case you'd be wrong.
What is this "Woot" thing you mentioned?
It's from the Old High German word wütsczhëifn, meaning "an online store called that launched in 2004 and has since expanded to specialize in various other product areas." You can get to all of the other categories through the links across the top of this page. They all feature new deals every day, always at ridiculously low prices. We suppose it's possible to lead a full life without ever shopping at Woot, but thank God we don't have to find out.
I have a question about purchasing/ordering/shipping/returns.
First: we cover all of that in the main Woot FAQ, along with plenty of dumb jokes. Sorry, dumb jokes are kind of our thing. It's a compulsion. Please, help us before we pun again. Second: the Q in FAQ stands for "question". Please phrase all future inquiries in the form of a question.
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