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Happy Birthday, Woot Tools & Garden!

by Scott Lydon

Was it really just one year ago that Woot Tools & Garden bloomed from the harsh cold ground? It's hard to believe, but it's true. Something like 52 Mondays hence, our little site came to life. And now it seems like it's always been here.

Anyway, in honor of this very special day, we're having a little celebration for the next fortnight*. Check out a special soundtrack, or the Woot Tools & Garden main page, or the various Woot Plus sales, or our Facebook, or maybe even our Twitter because in some or all of these places you'll see us giving away our presents to you! Sadly, we can't offer slices of cake. You'll have to buy that somewhere else.

*if you don't know what a fortnight is maybe look it up on this new thing called Google