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The Tools & Garden Guide To Our Helpful Rating System

by Scott Lydon

A new site means a new way of living. A new way of thinking. And whole new pile of things to which one must pay attention. Hey, it's a lot of effort being an informed consumer, and we understand your plight. That's why we've come up with a system so simple, even a monkey can handle it.

Each day, you'll find a new rating system in the features. Each day, you'll be able to see with a glance just how difficult each item will be to master. Is it for the Complete Noob? Is it for the Actual Professional? Follow the links back here and you can compare and contrast your skills with our monkey's opinions. Like so:

The Woot Tools & Garden Guide To Our Helpful Rating System

Zero Drills - Baby's First Tool!

Are you the sort of person who could cut yourself on a cotton ball? There there, there there. This item will be perfect for you. The only way you could be safer is if you were sealed in John Travolta's bubble.

Half A Drill - Complete Noob!

Everyone starts somewhere, right? And if you're starting here, here is a good thing with which to start. Consider this the hardware equivalent of a TV dinner. It's not gonna be hard for you at all.

One Drill - Casual Dabbler!

You know what a hammer is, and you're not afraid to shout it! This is the item that's perfect for the man or woman who already knows the difference between Phillips and Flat by heart. But if you want to rewire the attic? Call a pro.

One And A Half Drills - D.I.Y. Curious!

You've got the bug. You've crossed the line. You've made a few pre-fab bookshelves and hung a shelf- solo. You've a long way to go before they call you an artisan, but you're determined to one day use a saw. A little more practice and you'll level up.

Two Drills - Serious Amateur!

This item is made for the person who'll know that Vise Grips don't solve everything. The sort of person who'll know when to use pliers and when to use a wrench. Or maybe, just maybe, the person ABOUT to learn all that!

Two And A Half Drills - Committed Handyperson!

If you have the option, you're gonna take a crack at it first. Possibly, this is a bad decision, but occasionally it works out in your favor. All your chairs sit level and you know how to stain unfinished furniture. You could be better, but you're not too bad.

Three Drills - Lifelong Hobbyist!

You made your child a doll house. You change your oil by hand. You've got a corner of the garage and you can't wait to get in it. But there's no WAY you'd build a deck on your own, right? You love the work, but you also know your limitations.

Three And A Half Drills - Weekend Warrior!

When something goes wrong, you don't pick up the phone. You run to the workshop and pick up your toolbox! Maybe you don't get paid, but you're the first one the neighbors call when they clog up their sink or break the garage door.

Four Drills - Experienced Builder!

Hey, look at you! You know how to complete a job correctly! Measure twice, cut once is your motto. Even on pizza night. THAT'S JUST HOW COMMITTED YOU ARE! Face it, if you were any better, you'd be charging 220 bucks an hour.

Four And A Half Drills - Seasoned Foreman!

You not only spend your days working, you spend your days telling other people how to work. Drills and hammers are to you what forks and spoons are to normal people. We can't teach you anything about anything. All we can do is offer you a great deal.

Five Drills - Actually Invented The Pyramid!

The truth is, you could take toothpicks and make them into a space station. We're not fit to judge you. We feel fortunate you're even reading this. Without you, all of civilization would probably collapse. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Be it socket wrenches, garden pots, an inflatable car port or a jackhammer, you'll now have a fast way to compare it to your skill level. And grow with us, won't you? Because, let's face it, we can't get more of your money if you don't constantly need cooler stuff.